One Team. One Passion. One Mission.

Our M.O.— Hone your craft. Since 2012, Morton’s Dance Center has focused on developing dancers, building them from core foundation and upwards. No matter the style of dance, we strive to provide the best training by offering a mix of instructors, who are currently or have experience in professional backgrounds, while incorporating team building and creative execution.

Class Info

Elijah Morton

Owner, Competition Team Director, HipHop (Int/ Adv/ Competition)

Renee Censier

Artistic Director, Competition Team Director, Jazz Funk

Tommy Tran

Director of Marketing, Adv HipHop, Foundation & Freestyle


Wendy Schroeder

Child Development

Stacy Miller

Creative Movement, Pre-Jazz/Ballet, StretchFlexCore

Austin Telenko

HipHop (Int/ Adv)

Missy Clayton

Jazz (Int/ Adv), Jazz Funk (Adv)

Noline Edmond

Ballet Director
  • Acro (All Levels)
  • Ballet (Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Breakdance (Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Broadway (All Levels)
  • Boys Ballet (10+)
  • Commercial Pop (Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Contemporary (Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Creative Movement (3-5yo)
  • Freestyle (All Levels)
  • HipHop (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Adult)
  • HipHop (6-8yo)
  • HipHop Fitness (All Levels)
  • Jazz (Advanced)
  • Jazz Funk (Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Pre-Jazz/Ballet (6-8yo)
  • Stretching/Flexibility/Core (All Levels)
  • Street Jazz (Advanced)
  • Tap (Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced)
  • CONstruct Competition Team
  • Under CONstruct Competition Team (Intermediate, Advanced)


Tuition is based on a nine to ten month dance year (September-May/June). Tuition is due the first of the month and is payable up to the 10th of that month without penalty. After the 10th, a $20 late fee will be applied to your account.

Tuition remains the same whether it is a three-, four- or five-week month, as it is prorated. Each class day will have a minimum of 35 classes a year.

Registration Fee – $25.00 per dancer


Based on the total number of hours per dancer. To determine tuition, add the total class hours per dancer for one week*:

45 min – $45.00


4 hours – $148.00


7 hours – $217.00

1 hour- $52.00


4 hours 15 min – $155.00


7 hours 15 min – $221.00

1 hour 15 min – $60.00


4 hours 30 min – $162.00


7 hours 30 min – $225.00

1 hour 30 min – $68.00


4 hours 45 min – $169.00


7 hours 45 min – $229.00

1 hour 45 min – $76.00


5 hours – $174.00


8 hours – $231.00**

2 hours – $87.00


5 hours 15 min – $180.00


 8 hours 15 min – $234.00

2 hours 15 min – $95.00


5 hours 30 min – $186.00


8 hours 30 min – $237.00

2 hours 30 min – $103.00


5 hours 45 min – $192.00


 8 hours 45 min – $240.00

2 hours 45 min – $111.00


6 hours – $197.00


 9 hours – $245.00

3 hours – $102.00


6 hours 15 min – $202.00



3 hours 15 min – $126.00


6 hours 30 min – $207.00



3 hours 30 min – $133.00


6 hours 45 min – $212.00



3 hours 45 min – $140.00





* Any dancer particpating in 8 hours or more are at maximum tuition. Therefore, dancer receives an “unlimited” status  resulting in no class time limit.** All classes may be dropped in to until January 2016. The drop-in fee is $15.00 per class.


Under CONstruct – $110.00
CONstruct – $130.00

*Additional studio classes are only $10.00 per class, in addition to Competition Team Tuition*

*Discounts applicable to Competition Teams for Summer Classes & Intensive. Please see front desk for more info.

Payment Rules:

  1. All tuition is due and payable at the first of the month. If your monthly tuition has not been paid in full by the 10th of the month, a $20.00 late fee will be added to your account. Statements are only sent to delinquent accounts. A $20.00 late fee will be added to each month’s tuition for a balance that is left unpaid. If your child is ill or you are going to be out of town, be sure to mail in your tuition to avoid the late fee. Checks can be placed in the tuition box in the lobby.
  2. ***There is a $25.00 charge for non-sufficient funds.
  3. Tuition is based on approximately 4 lessons per month. There is no extra charge for months with 5 weeks nor is there a reduction or discount for any classes missed or months with holidays.
  4. There will be no refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes will be at the discretion of the instructor, there are no tuition reductions for students that go out of town or become ill. If you wish to hold your place in class, tuition should be paid.
  5. No costumes will be given to students with over due balances. All accounts must be paid in full with your tuition for students to participate in the recital.
  6. Make checks payable to Morton’s Dance Center. PLEASE PUT THE STUDENTS NAME ON THE CHECK to insure proper credit to your account.
  7. There is no change in payment or discounts given for classes missed.
  8. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. This includes your registration fee and any previously paid tuition and costume balances.
  9. There is a yearly enrollment/registration fee of $25.00 per returning student or new student and is billed each September or upon enrollment.
  10. Please note classes with fewer than 3 students may be reduced in time with no reduction in the monthly fee. For example, a one hour class with two dancers may be reduced to 45 minutes and the one hour fee will be charged.

Morton’s Dance Center has a no refund policy. The Studio Office must be informed of ALL student withdrawals; otherwise, tuition charges will accrue. Tuition is NOT refunded for missed classes. Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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